Download Porsche GTS route for navigation

A couple of years ago Porsche released the Porsche GTS Community app (for iOS and Android). Through the effort of many people in this GTS community, it currently (August 2018) holds thousands of routes spread over every continent. I discovered the app a couple of months ago, planning a roadtrip to Stuttgart with my Boxster. I noticed a few interesting routes in the vicinity, so I decided to use the app and drive one of the routes. At that point I realized the app does not support actual point-to-point navigation: there is no way to get directions from the app, something that was also noticed by a lot of other users.

Being an IT consultant, I decided to dig in to the inner workings of the website and figured out how to download the route in a usable file format for navigation purposes. Currently, these file formats are available for download:

  • GPX files can be read into many navigation devices, such as TomTom[1] and Garmin devices;
  • KML files are supported by Google Earth and are also used in different apps for Android and iOS (e.g. OsmAnd, Maps.Me);
  • ITN files are intended for TomTom devices, which have limited support[1] for GPX files.
For now I tested it with OsmAnd, which is freely available for both Android and iOS.

[1]: TomTom MyDrive limits GPX files to a maximum of 48 waypoints when importing them as a "Track", please use the ITN file format instead by selecting it in the form below. The ITN file format allows more waypoints to be imported as "Route" into MyDrive, see also the TomTom manual about GPX and ITN files.

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